The Blog about the Blog

The Blog about the Blog

Hey everyone! As you might have noticed, we have decided to start a blog on our newly launched golf brand called Lucky Golf Co. This blog post will be a short introduction to our brand and the plan that we have for the following blog posts... And yes, you might just feature in the upcoming weeks;)

So you might be wondering who exactly is Lucky Golf Co, and I'd like to introduce the team to you, JP Labuschagne and Timothy Denton. Yes that's right, we are only two guys with a passion for golf and we thought that the white and black golf gloves are just a little bit boring to be honest. When was the last time you went into a golf store and decided to buy a glove? It's an extremely difficult choice because there is absolutely no variation. And that's where we want to make a change!

And after we realised that we had a pretty cool idea for a Lucky golf glove design we decided to try and make it and the response has been incredible! We then went a step further and thought how cool would it be to match your lucky golf glove to your lucky golf towel, and now we have some cool golf towels that really adds colour to your game.
So over the next few weeks we want to get to know our customers a little better and this is why we have created the blog post. We will be interviewing some customers with 10 questions and you get to provide your most game changing golf tips, even if you are still a 32 handicap. We will also be posting some golf course reviews and posting some valuable content on how you can get more lucky on the golf course, as Gary Player puts it "the more I practise, the luckier I get."
So if you would like to be featured on our blog, please send me an email to and we will make sure you get featured. Sorry if we make a grammatical error or two, but everyone three putts every now and again ;)
Also make sure to sign up to our newsletter to keep up with our catalogue, and be the first to know about specials and new designs! You can do this on our homepage.
Kind regards
The Lucky Golf Co Team
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