Let's talk AAA grade cabretta leather golf gloves

Let's talk AAA grade cabretta leather golf gloves

Hey Everyone!
So it is now officially day 1 of the 21 day lock down. And well we are bored already, and you might be to. So we have decided to start a little trick shot competition!
All you have to do is take you a club, imagine your perfect shot in your house and then do it ;) PS we do not take any responsibility for broken housewares! 
Take your video and then tag us in your Facebook or Instagram posts, that's it!
We have already done one example for you which you can find on our youtube channel:
Alright I feel we have gotten a little of topic here so let's go back to why you are reading this. Let's start with a simple question:

What is the best type of golf glove?

A cabretta leather golf glove is essential for the perfect tacky grip. This is essential in wet weather conditions or when your hands get sweaty! 

At Lucky Golf, we feel that cabretta leather isn't good enough, so we have sourced the best quality AAA grade cabretta leather golf gloves for you to play with. This is the stuff you see all the pros play with, and if you put your hand into our lucky golf gloves it's easy to feel and see why.

It is a feeling hard to describe, but our mission is to make the best golf glove on the market and our goal is to make the best rated golf glove in 2020.

You might think that our golf gloves are a little expensive compared to the R150 glove you get before your round, but normally those gloves are synthetic leather golf gloves, that results in a glove that only last 2 - 3 rounds where we expect our AAA grade cabretta leather golf gloves to last 10 rounds easily. Our AAA grade cabretta leather golf gloves are made from 100% leather, so it's not just an additional leather patch put onto your glove like some other companies do.

I think I have babbled on too much on this topic so let's skip to the next question that we  get asked often:

How long should my golf glove last?

We expect our AAA grade cabretta leather golf gloves to last 10 rounds easily. Comparatively, synthetic leather golf gloves will normally only last about 2 - 3 rounds.

Why do professional golfers take their gloves off after every shot?

To be honest, I think it is to prevent sweat in the glove as most professional golfers play with a AAA grade cabretta leather golf glove, and the leather can make your hand quite sweaty, which is not ideal when you play your next shot.

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