Ladies and gentlemen, on the first tee...

Ladies and gentlemen, on the first tee...

Hey everyone! And welcome to our first interview on our new blog! Not only is this the first interview, but it's also the first interview of the year!!! So before we dive right into the interview, The Lucky Golf Team would like to wish everyone a happy new year and we hope your year will be filled with only birdies and Lucky golf shots!

Now let's tee off...

On the first tee ladies and gentleman, is one of the Luckiest golf players, and his name is Mr Charl de Villiers.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself

Hi guys, I am Charl de Villiers and I stay in a small town called Springbok, in the Northern Cape, and I have been playing golf for about 4 years now.

2. What is your handicap index and home course

I am currently playing of a 12.4 index, and generally just play on Springbok Golf Course, it's a nice little 9 hole course which is luckily not too tricky.

3. What is your favourite golf course that you have played

We normally go down to Pearl Valley for holidays and that is by far my favourite course in the country. This is also where I made my first eagle so that also helps.

4. What was the Luckiest golf shot you have ever played

I played Woodhill country club, and there was a par 3 that plays downhill with some water in the front of the green, I played my shot and it was clear that it was going to be short and land in the water, but it managed to hit a rock on the edge of the water, ball shot up into the air and landed about 30cm from the flag. And yes I made the birdie putt!

5. If you could play any golf course in the world what would it be

Definitely St Andrews, I think this is any golfer's dream.

6. What is your worst golf memory

When I missed my first ever birdie attempt, which was only about a 1 meter putt...

7. What golf tip helped you become a better golfer

One of my mates once told me to just bend my knees a little more when I am playing golf, and this helped me quite a bit with getting a nicer impact when hitting the ball.

8. What do you want to achieve in 2020 golf wise

I would like to get my handicap index into the single figures.

9. What do you think of Lucky Golf Co

I only saw the brand a few weeks ago on Instagram, but the Lucky Golf products are really cool and I think it has a nice twist on the generic golf glove designs. I think it's a cool idea and there is no other brand doing this in the South African golf market so I am sure you guys will succeed!

10. What is your favourite Lucky Golf Co Product

I fell inlove with the flamingo gloves and bought myself one immediately, I have played with it once now and it's honestly such a comfortable glove, I really think this might be the nicest feeling glove that I have ever worn.

Thank you so much to Charl de Villiers for being our first interviewee! This will be a great platform for every golfer to just gain some insight into another Lucky Golfer's life!

So if you would like to be featured on our blog, please send me an email to and we will make sure you get featured. Sorry if we make a grammatical error or two, but everyone three putts every now and again ;)
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Kind regards
The Lucky Golf Co Team
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Nice Interview! Good Questions.

Siya Mava

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