Be Different

Be Different

Hey Lucky people!
We hope you are staying safe during lock down and like us, you probable can't wait to get out on the course again.
Well we have a few things we want to discuss to make sure you are ready for you next round. First thing first, get ready to shank your first tee shot! Doesn't matter if you pulled of the coolest trickshot during lockdown, truth is, your golf game is not going to be the same... So when you are standing on the tee, with many eyes on you, just grip it, and rip it! And off course, make sure you have some Lucky golf gear, not only will you have the coolest golf towel and the most colourful golf glove on the course, but you might just get Lucky!
We are really tired of the plain golf gear that is currently in the market and that is why we decided to start Lucky Golf Company. We wanted a cool golf glove, but also a golf glove that is affordable. And then we just thought, "why stop there?" So we not only made the best golf gloves in 2020 but most probably the best microfibre golf towels as well, and man do they look amazing!
We might be a little biased when we say best golf glove ever, but that is honestly our goal, and we are hoping to reach it very soon!
I feel like we got a little of track, so let's go back to why we started this blog post, making you remember a few golf things that you might have forgotten during the lock down.

Why do you need a golf glove?

It's simple, if your golf club just slips a few millimetres, it could prevent smooth impact  between your golf club and ball, resulting in a duffed shot. 

A leather golf glove is basically the equivalent to the sticky toffee between your hand and the golf club. It also prevents your from taking out another golf player with a flying golf club. Okay, maybe not so bad, but if your club slips just a few millimetres, it could impact your golf shot drastically.

What is the best golf glove?

 Our top 5 list for our best golf gloves:

1 - Tropical Lucky Golf Gloves

2 - Flamingo Lucky Golf Gloves

3 - Grey Melange Lucky Golf Gloves

4 - Rhino Lucky Golf Gloves

5 - Clover Lucky Golf Gloves

You can buy these glove by clicking here

But this is based on our preferences as well as the best sellers on our website. What do you think is our best golf glove?

Why do you need a golf towel?

A microfibre golf towel is essential to ensure that you clean your golf clubs face before hitting another shot, small amounts of dirt can have a massive effect on the shot impact and can cause inaccuracy.

That's right, next time you miss the green from an easy fairway shot in, just tell your mates that it was because your club was dirty. Maybe one of them will help you out with their lucky golf towel and then you can hit more greens.

What golf towel size do I need?

Any size is accepted, but it mostly depends where you want to hang your towel. For instance, if you are hanging the towel from the side of your bag, then you don't want a long towel. 

All our towels are one size, we thought that you don't need a towel that is 1 metre long, instead 60cm is more than enough. And with you flexi handle, it is extremely easy to hang it on the side of your bag, or over a club. By reducing our towel size to 60cm we are able to cut our material cost down by 40% resulting in a much more affordable golf towel that is also the coolest golf towel.

What is the best golf towel?

 Our top 3 list for our best golf towels:

1 - Flamingo Lucky Golf Towels

2 - Clover Lucky Golf Towels

3 - Pineapple Lucky Golf Towels

You can buy these towels by clicking here

But did we tell you that we are in the process of making new golf towel designs...

We will be launching them within the next 4 weeks, so make you visit the towels page to get your new Lucky Golf Towel.

What can I do to be different?

That's easy, get yourself one of the most durable golf gloves on the market, oh and don't forget also the coolest golf glove, match it up with a unique golf towel and you will be good to go and get Lucky!

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