All you need is Luck

All you need is Luck

With all this time to kill while not on the course (or, to a lesser degree, while at work), some extraordinary golfers had a chance to put their talents on show for the world. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is a spectacular trick shot. Now, while keeping a golf ball aloft with precise touches of a club before drilling it straight out the air is very impressive, this particular feat involves an even more inspiring human achievement: remaining productive while under de facto house arrest. And sure, some engineering skill.

This viral video shows a beautiful collision, so to speak, of golf, engineering and creativity. The man behind the invention and the Stuff Made Here Youtube channel, Shane Wighton, was after a way to improve his golf game, create a one-club-fits-all golf club and annoy his significant other. The result is, to say the very least, impressive. Watching the full video is highly recommended, as Shane thoroughly but succinctly explains the operating principles and design process in layman’s terms. 

To sum it all up though, not only can this club be adjusted to your desired loft angle, but it can also actively and intelligently assist you in achieving your desired distance. It measures features of your swing such as angle and velocity in real time, and rapidly adjusts the loft to help you obtain the shot you always dreamed you could hit.

The only thing missing now (other than some extra Lucky Clover Towel swag)? Power. Not to fear though, as one more golfing-engineering-youtubing extravaganza has that more than covered. Mark Rober, aptly a former NASA engineer, solved any power issues with not one but two rocket motors strapped to the top of a driver. Skip to the end to see the true power of this monstrosity.

Unfortunately, we doubt any of these nifty inventions will be seen, let alone be legal on a fairway near you. Thankfully, all Lucky Golf gear is. No need to worry about the right ball/face contact or carry when wearing the epitome of what golfers throughout the years have craved. Luck.

Check out our latest additions to the collection while they're hot, and Mark's drivers and tee boxes won't be the only thing on fire! It's the only certain way to ensure you'll be accepted when the golfing robot overloads rise up and take over the courses...

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